• 113.389,50 kuna za novu mehanizaciju

    113.389,50 kuna za novu mehanizaciju

    Na natječaj za male poljoprivrednike 6.3.1. »Potpora razvoju malih poljoprivrednih gospodarstava« za koji je ...

  • Nastup Razvojne agencije SI-MO-RA na vodećem sajmu...

    Nastup Razvojne agencije SI-MO-RA na vodećem sajmu gaming industrije Infogamer by Reboot 2017.

    Razvojna agencija SI-MO-RA sudjelovati će na sajmu Infogamer by Reboot 2017. od 21. – 26. studenog 2017...

  • Za OPG Ercegovac 113.389,50 kuna iz Programa...

    Za OPG Ercegovac 113.389,50 kuna iz Programa ruralnog razvoja

    OPG Ercegovac iz Hrvatske Dubice poboljšanje poslovanja odlučio je ostvariti prijavom....

  • E-bilten - “Zajedno do sredstava iz ESI...

    E-bilten - “Zajedno do sredstava iz ESI fondova”.

    Pročitajte što smo vam pripremili u prvom broju E-biltena “Zajedno do sredstava iz ESI fondova” za studeni.

  • Još jedna uspješna priča iz Dvora

    Još jedna uspješna priča iz Dvora

    Agencija za plaćanja u poljoprivredi, ribarstvu i ruralnom razvoju započela je s izdavanjem odluka o...


About SI-MO-RA


The Regional Development Agency SIMORA was founded by the Sisak - Moslavina County in 2006. with the aim of promoting regional and local economic development. SIMORA operates as “one stop service centre” which assists foreign and indigenous investors in establishing or expanding their businesses – at every stage of the process, and after the operation develops.

SI-MO-RA ltd aspires to promote and guide development projects of Sisak – Moslavina County

by stimulating FDI and entrepreneurial development and increasing life standard of all County citizens.

 Coordinator of FDI and entrepreneur activities in partnership with other stakeholders in Sisak – Moslavina County and wider area

Main actor in networking innovative companies

Active partner in creating Society of knowledge

Model of quality and professionalism in all business segments: desirable employer, reliable and recognizable business partner and socially responsible company.



- to carry out necessary activities in efficient, effective and professional manner

- to provide all necessary and accurate information in time

- to address you with respect and courtesy

- to maintain a mutual relation in confidential manner

We will acknowledge your inquiry immediately and provide a response within 2 working days.


We want to make sure your experience, and the quality of service you receive, is consistent throughout our organization. So if we don’t get it right then we want you to tell us what happened and how we could do things better.




  •               Tel +385/44/544 204

Fax +385/44/544 206